SISU Sense

With SISU Sense™, SISU has taken their mission to protect the athlete to the next level. By infusing our HitSense™ Technology into our industry-leading mouthguard, SISU Sense measures every hit an athlete absorbs, then transmits the data to our proprietary app. The result: protection on the field today, and tomorrow, that makes sense.

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*Product battery lasts for approximately 170hrs. of use after battery activation (based on normal usage and proper care).

Why SISU® Sense?

  • PEACE OF MIND - "As a parent, I know my son will take hits. But I feel better knowing when I need to take proper action."
  • SAFETY - Built on 10 years of superior SISU safety - only 1 dental injury in 25,000 guards.
  • PERFECT FIT - Fits around ANY dentition like a glove.
  • SMART POLYMER TECHNOLOGY - Tougher, thinner and stronger than conventional guards.
  • TALK, BREATHE, DRINK - Due to the thin and perfectly fitting material communication with other athletes is flawless.
  • WARRANTY - We back these claims with a $35k dental warranty, the highest in the industry.

*The SISU Sense is not a medical or diagnostic device. The SISU Sense Mouthguard detects impacts and does not replace concussion detection protocol. The SISU Sense Hit Sense technology does not diagnose concussion. The data should be used to identify if impact has occurred and the level of impact.

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